Why Managed Services?

Each day, thousands of businesses experience loss of data due to viruses, failed hardware, theft, fire, power outages and surges, and much more. Gartner, the IT industry’s leading source for research information, estimates that 50 percent of businesses who experience a loss of data will file for bankruptcy or close within six months (2010).

Your business deserves to be protected just as you protect your family, health, and home.

Our antivirus, backup, and patch management services protect your business from these threats 24/7 and remove the burden of managing day-to-day IT tasks from you at the same time.

You’ll never have to explain to your customers how or why you lost their data. You’ll have confidence in your information systems as you work, and you’ll sleep more soundly at night.

Antivirus, Backup, and Patch Management services are managed remotely, enabling you to focus on your business. Combined with ease-of-scale, no commitment, and hassle-free billing, our managed services keep your business’ vital information protected and secured.

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