Luke Wood

I am Allevia’s Chief People Person. In my day-to-day I am responsible for meeting with potential clients, and building a relationship with our current ones. I want to make sure that each of our clients has someone they know they can reach out to for answers to any of their questions. You need a quote for some new equipment? I’ve got you. You have a question about an invoice? I’m your guy. You want to know when the next Marvel movie is coming out? This guy right here. You want to discuss quantum physics and how it impacts the world around you? Believe it or not, still your guy!

People are my very favorite thing! There’s nothing I like more than getting to know someone new. Luckily, God has gifted me with a lot of words and very little timidity. Now I have found a niche where I get to talk to all kinds of people, and hopefully earn a chance to help make their lives a little easier.

My road to Allevia was long and circuitous. Whether it’s been driving a truck for Coca-Cola, stocking shelves at Target, working for Claris Networks, or running I.T. for DenTek Oral Care, I’ve done it all! Regardless of how I got here, I am eternally grateful that this is where God put me. I love Allevia Technology, and I am proud to be a part of Stefan’s vision for serving our area.